Our hands and fingernails advertise our age and health to the world. However, they often take more abuse than the rest of our bodies and receive less care. With this in mind, we’ve created our gorgeous manicure combo: Rose Petal Hand SoakRose Petal Hand Scrub and Shea & Mango Hand Mask. Three glorious products for the happiest of hands. In this How To, we show you just how to use them.
You Will Need:
  1. Two bowls of clean warm water. You could also use the bathroom basin for this.
  2. Spoons to scoop the products out of their containers. This keeps the products fresher for longer.
  3. Hey Gorgeous Rose Petal Hand SoakRose Petal Hand Scrub and Shea & Mango Hand Mask.
  4. A pair of plastic gloves, provided.
  5. Clean towels.
Our Rose Petal Hand Soak is gentle, rejuvenating and good for you. Made with only natural ingredients (like all our products) this soak will leave your hands silky smooth and gorgeous. As if you’ve never touched a dish in your life!
Begin by spooning out the soak in a bowl of warm water.
Stir to dissolve.
Soak hands for 5-10 minutes and let this floral hand soak work its magic before patting dry with a clean towel. You should already notice that your hands feel lovely :]
This gorgeous rose petal hand scrub will gently (but oh so effectively) polish off rough dry skin, ingrained dirt (for all the gardeners out there!). This scrub sloughs away dead skin cells, stimulates blood circulation just under the skin which helps warm cold hands and leave them soft and smooth for days.
Begin by wetting hands in a fresh bowl of water.
Scoop out this scrub into the palm of your hand.
Slowly and gently rub across both hands, between fingers and on your palms.
Rinse off. You might notice that your hands feel oily. Don’t worry! These oils are the good ones, and they’ll absorb into your skin in no time. Think about it as food for your skin.
Finally, pat dry with a clean towel. Your hands should already be feeling soft, smooth and smelling delicious!
This gorgeous hand mask is not an indulgence, but a must for women who knows that hands speak volumes. Apply this treatment weekly (or whenever your hands need a little TLC). It leaves hands feeling super moisturised and plumped, which reduces the look of aging hands.
For reference, we’ve used a spoon so you can see how much we used of this gorgeous hand mask. Scoop out a generous amount and apply to hands.
Rub a thick coating on both hands (don’t forget your palms).
Pop your hands into a pair of plastic gloves.  These aid the hydration process, allowing your hands to absorb all of the goodness in this mask.
Place a warm towel over your hands to seal in the moisture. Sit tight for ten mins, have a chat, watch some tv, before removing the towel and gloves. Your hands should have absorbed all of this mask, or almost all before you’re ready to rinse off.
Finally, rinse and pat dry with a clean towel. And there you have it! Super happy Hey Gorgeous hands :]

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