Great skin starts with great cleansing and using a Sonic Cleansing brush works with your cleanser to give you fresh, healthy radiant looking skin. 

Acne/breakout/pimples and blackheads are caused by excess oil on the skin mixing with daily grime and bacteria which leads to skin infections. By gently polishing off these culprits, you'll significantly reduce the occurrence of breakouts and blackheads..

These amazing little beauty tools are not just for oily/acne prone skin. They are suitable for all skin types (even the most sensitive). Dry, mature skins will also experience excellent results as these brushes gently polish off old, flaky skin to reveal a layer of soft, smooth and radiant skin. 

Product application after Sonic cleansing is also improved as they are now able to better penetrate the skin to work more effectively. 

Why Sonic?

Most available facial cleansing brushes oscillate or spin, sometimes pulling the skin, and are not as suitable for more sensitive skin types. Our Sonic Cleansing Brush utilises tiny sonic pulses at a rate of 8,000 strokes per minute to effectively remove impurities while the soft bristles remain gentle on the skin. Made with 150,000 extra-fine, densely packed, antibacterial bristles, it provides both deep cleansing and massage and is great for those with more sensitive skin. The pulsing action removes makeup and impurities 11x more effectively than manual cleansing without tugging or pulling unnecessarily on the skin. 

Pop over to our website on this fab product to read over 40 verified customer reviews if you still need convincing :) 




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