How Do I Order?


You'll see a drop down navigation button when you click on PRODUCTS. Choose the category you want for to browse those specific products or grab a cup of tea and put your feet up and browse through ALL our gorgeous products. (Drooling is permitted).

Ordering Online

Once you've decided on the perfect product, select the quantity you want and click the “Add to Cart” button. Just like a real-world shopping, you can add multiple items to your cart before proceeding to payment. Once you are ready to pay for the items in your cart, click on the cart icon on the top right hand side of the page. That will show you all the items you have put into your shopping cart. If you’re happy with your choice, you can click the “proceed to checkout” button. If you don’t yet have an HEY GORGEOUS account, or aren’t already logged into your account, you will be taken to the account login/ register page where you simply register by completing the new customer's sign-up process. For existing customers – login to your account using the email address you used when you set up your account, and your password. Once you are logged in – you will be presented with your shopping cart items once again. Click proceed to checkout and you can then select/ enter your delivery address, select your delivery option (if relevant) enter your payment information and make the payment.

We also accept bank transfer's, cheques or if more convenient, payment deposit at your most convenient Lloyds Bank.

If you prefer to order via email or telephone, you are most welcome to do do. Simply pop us a mail to: or give us a ring on 020 74025416

Banking Details

Account Name: Hey Gorgeous 
Branch code: 
Account Number: 
Type of account:


Hey Gorgeous will deliver within 2 – 6 working days depending on where you live. See our Terms and Conditions for detailed info on our delivery estimates. We deliver either door to door or door to counter depending on where you are based. You can track your parcel online by logging into My Account. Remember – Hey Gorgeous only delivers to street addresses or post office counters (no post office boxes) and we only deliver during business hours (no weekends or public holidays) so please select your delivery address accordingly. International orders can take up to 10 working days.

If you need any assistance or prefer to talk to us and order telephonically or by email, you are most welcome to do so. Please pop an email through to or contact us on 020 74025416

Our Stores:

We'll soon be opening retail stores. Please keep an eye on our social pages for upcoming details or for more information, please give us a call on


Can you offer advice on what to order?

Yes we can. It’s important to us that you feel gorgeous, and we love nothing more than helping you gain the skin confidence that you deserve. If you’re not sure what’s best for your skin type, or you’d like to make enquiries about the right solution for you, please email us.

Can I buy online?

Yes! Ordering online is quick and easy. Payment is welcome by Bank Transfer or Credit Card via Worldpay or Paypal. Please see "How do I order" above for full details.

Can I buy internationally?

Yes! We have opened up worldwide delivery, which is very exciting. However, there are sometimes restrictions on the products we can send to you. As a rule of thumb, anything in a jar or bottle is absolutely fine :]

To make things easier for you exotic creatures, we also have a paypal account. Please note that all prices are in GBP

Please enquire about delivery costs to your country by emailing us.

I’d like to be a supplier. How do I get your goodies in my store/salon?

Please get in touch. We’d love to chat. We offer discounts on volume purchases, great marketing materials and will soon be looking at offering our spas/salons promotional offers to use in store (and oh-my-word, our gift hampers are definitely worth stocking! (pardon the pun) :]

Do you supply any stores/salons near me?

Where are you? :] Send us a message and we’ll let you know.

Can I get a sample before I purchase?

We regret we don't offer testers as such.  We do include samples of our products in outgoing orders whenever possible. 

There are also a couple of different ways you can try before you buy:
At a Hey Gorgeous Brunch Event. Stay clued up on Facebook or visit our retails store.

How should I pay you?

If you are ordering online, you are welcome to pay by Instant BankTransfer or by Credit Card. We use who offer a safe payment gateway and it's quick and easy to do this. We also accept PayPal for our international customers.

If you prefer to order via email, Facebook or telephone, we'll pop you an email invoice and you are welcome to pay by Bank Transfer or Direct Deposit into Lloyds Bank ) (Please note cash payments made incur a cash handling fee for direct deposits).

I’d love some goodies for an event. Can you help me with that?

Absolutely. We’re sure your guests will be over the moon with Hey Gorgeous favours. To enquire about bulk purchasing for your wedding, party or corporate event, please email us.

Tell me about delivery?

All our products are freshly made to order. Once your order has been made and payment received, your order will be made and delivered to you right away. We prefer the courier option as it's quick and right to your door but you can also choose:
1. Standard Shipping (
 - UK post office to your address.Allow 3-7 working days for delivery.
2. Overnight Speed Services (R75) – Counter to counter. Our tracking team will send you a tracking number, but since it’s next day delivery, you’ll be able to collect it almost straight away.

3. Courier is R45 ( or free if your order is over £50) It is the quickest, most efficient way to send your parcel. Delivering to all major towns and cities nationwide. Please note, you’ll need a physical address for this. 
To enquire about international delivery, please email us. Prices and times vary depending on how far away you are from us.

After ordering, when should I expect my goodies?

Your product(s) will be made within 1-3 days of payment and sent off to you. Delivery varies depending on which service you decide on, but generally, worst case scenario, allow 7-10 days.

If you need your products urgently, please let us know. We’ll try to get it there on time.

I live in the sticks. Can I still have my goodies couriered to me?

Yes of course! It does cost a little more though. Please email us to get a quote or select "regional" on the "calculate shipping.

How can I track my parcel's whereabouts?

Registered Post
Speed Services
DawnWing Couriers

My parcel is missing, what should I do?

Let us know. You can either call up the Post Office or DawnWing Couriers and quote your tracking number, or have us enquire on your behalf. The chances of your parcel being lost are very slim, but things do happen. In this case, we’ll send you another one.

My tracking number is wrong! Uh oh!

Clearly, monkeys lead the tracking team at Hey Gorgeous! Although your tracking message is a template, there’s still someone typing in your details and sometimes, they make mistakes. Don’t worry, we’ll fix it for you.

My parcel arrived, but the contents are damaged/missing/tampered with. What should I do?

Let us know. We’ll work something out for you to make sure that you’re a happy camper.

Can I collect my goodies directly from you?

Yes absolutely. You are most welcome. Our labs are in Constantia so if you are local and prefer to collect let us know and we'll get it ready for collection. Don't forget to check for one of our stores in your area too. 

I've given you guys the wrong address. Can I change it?

It may unfortunately delay delivery by a day or two. But talk to us and we'll sort it out chop chop.

I'd like to buy gifts for my family and friends. Can you ship to another address or multiple addresses?

Yes, of course. Just let us know which products are going to who when you place your order.

I don't know what to buy for someone I love. Do you have vouchers?

Absolutely. We offer vouchers in any denomination, so you can decide how much, or how little to spend on your loved ones. We recommend R50 and upwards.

To order a voucher, let us know your name, the name of the recipient, their email or postal address, depending on how you’d like to give it to them (we prefer email, to save trees) and the amount you’d like to give. Our vouchers don’t expire, have no limitations, and can be supplemented if they’d like to buy more than you’ve specified.


Product Information

I heard that you can customise a product to suit my skin?

Yes we do. For example, a lot of customers love the Happily Ever After Anti-Ageing Serum, but come month end, they need a bit of Banish & Repair to keep breakouts in check. Instead of purchasing both, we can combine the two for you. This obviously saves you the cost of purchasing a second product, gives you fantastic overall results and our karma is a little better :] So chat to us!

Can you substitute an ingredient if I'm allergic to it?

Let us know what you’re allergic to and we’ll see what we can do. Obviously, if, for example, honey brings you up in hives (chuckle chuckle) we can’t really take it out of a Honey & Oatmeal scrub, but there are occasions where we’ll be able to help you with this, or at the very least, suggest another product in our range that will give you the results you’re looking for.


We use choice ingredients in all our products – natural, organic and vegan whenever possible. Our products contain oils (some may contain nut oils) and essential oils. Please check that you are not allergic or skin sensitive to any of the ingredients. If you experience any sensitivity or redness, discontinue use immediately.

Our products are free from any harmful synthetics. 


Keeping your products effective for longer: 

Please keep your products dry and out of direct sunlight. Avoid exposing them to water. Scoop product out of the jar/tub with a clean dry spoon/spatula. If you notice any change of colour, smell or texture of your product discard immediately.

Our products are preserved by using essential oils, honey (in honey-based products), Melaleuca oil (Tea-tree) scorbic acid (potassium sorbate). We do not use parabens, phthalates, triclosan, formaldehyde, toluene, SLS  or any harmful synthetics. 

We are very knowledgeable about of products, their ingredients (and quite a few other things too), but we are not doctors. If in doubt, please consult your doctor if you have any concerns to be on the safe side.

We use choice ingredients in all our products – organic and vegan whenever possible. Our products contain oils (some of them nut oils) and essential oils. Please check that you are not allergic or skin sensitive to any of the ingredients. If you experience any sensitivity of redness, discontinue use immediately.

We are very knowledgeable about of products, their ingredients (and quite a few other things too), but we are not doctors. If in doubt, please consult your doctor if you have any concerns to be on the safe side.

Do you introduce new products often?

Organic and Vegetarian, We are not organically certified but we do stand by the provenance and quality of ingredients which is evident by the efficacy of our products. 

What do the symbols on the packaging mean?

Organic and Vegetarian. There are some products where you won’t see these symbols. That’s not because they’re not organic and vegetarian. We just ran out of space after writing down all the awesomeness in our goodies :]

Are all your products vegan friendly?

Yes, absolutely everything, except honey based products. Honey is an amazing natural moisturiser, and while we wish we could be completely vegan friendly, we’d rather compromise on that than resort to chemicals, parabens and SLS based ingredients. However, we have found the perfect local beekeeper, who has the happiest, wild flower bees.

What's your stance on animal testing?

We are proud to say we are BEAUTY WITHOUT CRUELTY accredited :) Since we only use natural ingredients, it isn’t necessary anyway. We have a load of friends who've volunteered to test our products out, and a load of testers, who’ve loved our products, and become friends. Sustainability is also a biggie with us. We won't use ingredients that are not sustainably sourced or those that impact the environment and the people and animals we share our planet with. 

I love our planet. Do you try to reduce your carbon footprint?

Yes we do. We only use PET (recycled plastic containers) and recycled packaging and our labels are printed on recycled paper.

Where do you source your ingredients?

We are passionate about the provenance of our ingredients and this means we support Fair Trade and local suppliers whenever possible. For example, our honey is from a wildflower bee farm, our cold-pressed oils from a local producer. We organically grow most of our own botanicals that are used in many of our products. Our Shea Butter is from Fair Trade co-ops in Ghana and our coconut oil from Mozambique.

Got any ideas about how I can recycle your containers?

Oh definitely. Turn your plastic jars into mini plant containers, keep your paperclips and staples handy, turn them into tea light holders, turn them into bird feeders by stringing them up in the garden or use them in the kitchen to store spices or lentils. If you still have your dropper from your serum bottles, please hold on to that for next time, and let us know when you reorder. The glass bottles you can either donate to the bottle bank, or find a creative use for them. We’d love to accept returns, but at the moment, the cost of postage and ensuring that the bottles and jars are spotless and label-free isn’t viable. Perhaps as we grow we can accommodate this.

Do any of your products have an SPF factor?

We can include Non-Nano Zinc Oxide in your moisturiser (at no extra cost) if you wish. Whilst Zinc Oxide is synthetic, it is perfectly safe and offers an effective SPF. We do recommend including it should you choose one of our gorgeous moisturisers, but you have the choice as to whether or not you do with to.

You use natural ingredients. How long can I keep a product before it goes off?

Generally 12-16 weeks unless otherwise specified. To be on the safe side, we suggest that you keep your products in a cool, dry place. Often, it’s recommended that you store certain things in the fridge, which makes sense, considering our products are basically food. Food for your skin :]

If in doubt, rather not. In case of irritation, redness, itchiness etc, discontinue use and let us know!

Blogging, Representing & Promotion

I have a blog and I’d like to do a review. How do I go about that?

The blogging community is very important to us. If you’d like to write a review about our products, you can either do it secretly (we treat everyone with the same level of service) or you can ask us to hook you up with some of our new, almost ready to be released products.

You may ask us for product information, use our photographs and redirect your audience to either our social media sites or to our website.


We’ve worked really hard, so if you do use our photographs, please credit us. And let us know your post is up! Our favourite bloggers often get mentioned to over 170,000 people on Facebook.

We’d love to include you in a magazine/online beauty guide/blog. Can we chat?

Of course, we’d love that. Please give us a call on 021 705 2554.

If I use a photograph or ten, how should I credit you?

We love making new friends, so it’s always nice if you could include a link back to our page, or to our social media platforms :] Links above ^^

If you do use our photographs or graphics, please include ‘Image courtesy of Hey Gorgeous Skincare’.

Should you require our logo (which holds a Creative Commons license), please download a high resolution png here or save the image below. Our logo should not be used to endorse any other products that are not our own. It should not be modified, altered or used in part. You may not build upon it or use it for commercial purposes, other than helping the Hey Gorgeous team promote Hey Gorgeous products. 

Finally, show us what you’ve written/created. We’d love to see. Don’t forget, we often promote bloggers, writers, photographers and other creative people to thousands of people on our Facebook page.

I read an inaccurate review/article. Should I let you know?

Please do. We’re very transparent about our ingredients, our work ethos and our reputation relies on the truth. With this in mind, if you stumble upon information about us that isn’t correct or is damaging, please let us know.

 Our Competitions: 

We often run competitions on our social platforms, email and on our website. These competitions are covered by our Terms and Conditions and include the following stipulations:

1. The judges decision is final and no correspondence entered will be considered.

2. If it is a LIKE & SHARE competition, likes and shares must be evident on our page, the pages of the entrants and to whom they have tagged to be eligible to win. Should the LIKES/SHARES competition be for a local HG page, these shares need to be with people who are likely to shop in that local store.  

3. Facebook winners will need to produce identification to match the name on their Facebook page before prizes will be awarded.

4. Prizes are not transferable, nor may they be redeemed/exchanged for cash.

5. Hey Gorgeous reserves the right to withdraw any prizes should we suspect any fraudulent and dishonest intent by any entrant for whatever reason.